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New Listings: 120

Price Changes: 109  

Gone Under Contract: 78  

Sold Listings: 74  

Expired & Withdrawn Listings: 34


Total New Listings: 561

Active Listings: 443

Pending Sold Listings: 118

(% Under Contract): 21.0% ( - 1.0%)


Average Homes Sold Per Month: 64.3 Homes

Percentage Selling Per Month: 14.5%

Supply of Homes:  6.9 Month Supply (+ .7 months supply) (Over 6.0 = Buyer's Market, Under 6.0 = Seller's Market)


Year to Date Sales: 445 ($144,327 Avg. per Sale)  

2007 Year to Date: 601 ($148,468  Avg. per Sale)  

2006 Year to Date: 646 ($147,956 Avg. per Sale)  

2005 Year to Date: 562 ($139,592 Avg. per Sale)  

2004 Year to Date: 588 ($123,814 Avg. per Sale) 


Some slight changes to the Market Stats I'm presenting.  First off I am now showing, based on previous averages) how many homes are selling, as a percentage per month, this month 14.5% of homes trying to sell actually did.  That alone should indicate to you just how tough it is to have your home among the masses be one of the chosen ones.  This isn't to scare any current or potential sellers, you simply have to know what your general odds are in relation to the rest of your competition.  See the chart I posted earlier today to graphically show you the difference between the homes that are trying to sell, and the number that actually is selling on a per month basis.  

Also, I'm reaching back to 2004 for my weekly rundown of Year to Date sales numbers.  Going back only two years to 2006 didn't seem to cast enough perspective on the market as 2006 was a peak year.  Yes, things are slower by a large margin, but we've still lost very little in terms of percentage price per sale.  Note too, that our Supply of homes number stands at 6.9 months, a .7 month increase.

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Sep 28, 2017 07:15 PM