Is It A Good Time To Sell?

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As a colleague of mine says, "It's always a good time to sell."  And I agree with him.  Obviously there are factors unique to each property owner that will impact this decision for each person.  But I categorize sellers two ways: 1) Have to sell (i.e. job relocation, personal reasons, etc.) and 2) Want to sell (i.e. bigger space, upgrade, change of scenery, etc.). 

With each scenario there are things to consider when making the decision to sell.

#1 Price Price Price.  I can't say this enough actually.  I find that owners sometimes can be a a bit subjective in this area.  I don't blaim you I have been too.  Your property is something you take pride in (as you should) and have stored up memories in.  But when it comes to price it has to be what others are buying similar houses at in your area.  And that becomes the major driving dictator of the pricing of the property. 

#2 Exposure and marketing.  I go by this rule of thumb . . . let everyone possible know the property is for sale.  This means a combination of print and internet marketing.  As well as using traditional front lawn signs and open house promotions.  And following-up on every inquiry.  And it truly is a partnership between the seller and the Realtor.  Feedback is great from sellers and sellers also letting others know they are selling.  Again, touching all bases.  I even give the seller the opportunity to see reports of traffic to their listing through my website and  I also am in constant communication with any inquiries that come in whether they are an offer or not. 

#3 Flexibility and openness to feedback.  First, it is highly important to be flexible in the availability of showing the property.  Obviously there is the level of respect of giving ample notice, but their may be times when it could be short notice.  Second, being open to feedback from prospective buyers is important to make the necessary changes from the persepctive of a buyer. 

#4 Having the property visit-ready.  This means creating an environment that a buyer can walk into and picture themselves living there.  When you start hearing, "Oh, we could do such-and-such here or there . . . "  That's a good sign.  That's when a buyer is picturing themselves living there.  Clutter and personal items (i.e. pictures, etc.) should be stored away.  This can be a bit of an inconvenience, but always worth it because you take the feeling of instrusion from the buyer.  And not only should the inside be welcoming . . . so should the outside.  Put some color in the garden with some small colorful plants and keep the lawn manicured.  These are all minimal items that shouldn't cost a very much at all if you are not already there. 

Properties are selling contrary to what the media may have you believe.  Are they selling at the pace and prices of 2 years ago?  No.  But that time was historic for this industry and not the best comparison.  I think in some ways that short period of time spoiled us to where we put a house on the market and it sold in a few days.  We enjoyed that instant-gratification within this industry that has never really been there before.  The market hs returned to a more normal arena and it takes some work to sell a property.  The biggest positive . . . there are consumers still buying. 

If I can help you further, feel free to send me an email or give me a call. 

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