Leave Your Firewood at Home

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A bill that is waiting action on the Senate floor prohibits a person from possessing firewood on land administered by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) unless the firewood was obtained from a firewood distribution facility located on land administered by the DNR or was obtained from a firewood dealer who is selling firewood that is approved by the DNR. 

The reasoning behind the restrictions of the bill is that firewood has the potential to move numerous damaging forest pests such as emerald ash borer, Sirex wood wasp, Asian long-horned beetle, and a number of other wood boring insects, plus decay and wood-stain fungi as well as the pathogens that cause dutch elm disease, oak wilt, and sudden oak death.

People who have been bringing their own firewood to State Parks would no longer be able to do that.  The violation is subject to confiscation of firewood and after May 1, 2008, a petty misdemeanor penalty.

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