Building Value through Analogies

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One way to make your point to potential clients about the value of REALTORS is through the use of analogies.  Comparative analogy creates a picture and story to demonstate a difference between options.

Mr. Client, who is likely to catch more fish at the end of one day?  You fishing with a single line, or me fishing with a net?  Thus, who is going to be more effective in capturing the interest of potential buyers in the real estate market?

Mr. Client, who could build a deck more efficiently?  A person working with the proper tools who has experience building many decks, or a person without tools who built one deck five years ago?  Would you consider paying someone a reasonable amount to do a professional job?

Mr. Client, what kind of results do you think you would get cutting your own hair?  Would you consider hiring me to better your results in your real estate transaction?

It's usually a matter of demonstrating return on investment.  People are willing to pay for service that benefits them personally.  Lay-out how you are a competent professional who can protect their interests in preservation of their own time, money, and effort.  Win-Win.


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