The Value of a Home Inspection

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Home inspections are rapidly becoming the norm for home buyers in the Clarksville area. Some of my clients don't think they need to get one because an appraiser will go out anyways and the appraiser should make comments as to the condition of the home on the appraisal.

It's true the appraiser will make some comments on the condition of the home. However, appraisers do not conduct a detailed evaluation of the home you are buying. They may not access hard to reach areas such as crawl spaces, attics and roofs.

A home inspector will spend 2-3 hours at the home checking it literally from top to bottom. They check all the systems of the home, drainage away from the home, and they even crawl around underneath the home and get dirty for you. A good home inspector will usually find repairs to the home equal to or more than the amount you spent on the home inspection itself. Even a home that is in "mint condition" will have repair items turn up on a home inspection.

A new construction home is no exception. Very often the builder is a contractor that hires out some, or all of the building to sub-contractors. It is very rare that any builder is on site 100% of the time, and even if they were it is easy to overlook something during the 3-6 months it takes to build a home.

A small detail like a leak under the home can be unknown to a seller or builder. Most sellers have never been under their home and can honestly tell you that as far as they know the home is in great shape. If you take their word for it, when you go to sell the home you may be paying a lot more for repairs than the $250 or so it would have cost you to get a home inspection in the first place.

Many builders don't like home inspections because some inspectors can get too picky. A home inspection can also benefit a builder in the long run saving thousands of dollars on warranty work, and keeping customers from having a bad experience. It's true; word of mouth is the best kind of advertising anyone can get.

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