Trader Joe's to open in Redding Ca sometime in Feb 2009

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There is talk on the street that Trader Joe's has pushed back their opening here in Redding until early spring.That makes sense as there was probably no reason to open after or near the holidays without holiday merchandise!

You see in retail, holiday items, are usually purchased 4-6 months ahead of time...called lead time.Can you imagine ordering a store load of merchandise only to have the store open AFTER the holidays....They took the safe bet and postponed what may have been an iffy opening any sooner.

The Redding store of Trader Joe's should do well as I have heard many people talking about their trips down to Chico to go to TJ's!! Now that's some loyalty! To drive 75 miles to get the TJ experience...Yes the Redding store should do very well...

I am a little perplexed though on the seems that the usual protocol for Trader Joe's is to go in obscure out of the way places that are not on the main drag...the theory behind this is that TJ's has such a name and following that people will find them WHERE EVER they are or go in!

Another benefit of going into off the wall location is the price...of course right now anyone can find a deal on commercial space for lease!!

WELCOME Trader Joe's..even if you are late!


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