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Necessity Still Going Strong: Auto Insurance in Tolland, CT

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I remember when my father began making me pay for my own car insurance. For my 17th birthday/Christmas gift from my parents, my present was a 1982 Chevrolet Caprice, along with a year’s worth of car insurance paid for. It was an amazing year. Freedom, freedom, how sweet it was.

Then, as soon as I turned 18, it all went downhill. My father had pretty much been waiting all year to announce it: “Time to pay for your own car insurance. You’re an adult now.”

Naturally the very first thought that came into my head was, I can get by without it. After all, I had gone three whole years without any kind of accident, and by this time I was completely broken in.

But my dad wouldn’t hear of it. “The necessity of it, son, the necessity!” he’d rant. “Insurance is necessary. It doesn’t matter how safe you drive. You can’t account for the other drivers on the road. What if someone is sleepy and they run into you? What if they’re drunk? What if you’re in the crossfire of a high-speed car chase?”

I grumpily paid for the auto insurance until I moved out of my parents’ house. (I won’t embarrass myself by saying how many years later that was.) Then, like a sly fox, I stopped. Well, I stopped except for the bare minimum that Connecticut required of me.

Then, three months later, it happened. A chilly February evening; an icy road; a 16-year-old girl. My beautiful Chevrolet Caprice…destroyed. Did I have auto insurance? Oh, not nearly enough.

It goes without saying that my father refused to give me a helping hand. For the next two years, I had to depend on my brothers and my friends to drive me anywhere. And that was after my broken leg healed – a broken leg I had to pay for myself.

I have since picked up paying for auto insurance. And not just the cheapest policy I can get away with; none of that, thanks. I ensure my (new) car the way that makes me feel safe. It’s worth it – since that time, I’ve been in four more accidents, none of them my fault. And do you know how many drivers there are in Connecticut with no insurance?

Take it from me: necessity is still going strong. I still wish I had listened to my father.


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