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Hurricane Fay is dancing over Brevard County, Florida for the third day in a row.  Actually a tropical storm, Fay is lingering like a long, 3 mile-per-hour slow dance - just not very enjoyable!  Everyone is hunkered down, making soup and hypnotized by the weather reports on TV.  In the past three days we've received nearly 24 inches of rain.


For anyone who grew up in northern states, this is like a snow day with schools and offices closed.   One big difference is that we're not freezing in our homes if the power goes out!   By day three, however, cabin fever will set in and even for kids the thrill will be gone! 

 Fortunately this storm is only mildly catastrophic for our area.   Many roads are closed due to flooding and some large trees have blown down.   The National Guard has been activated and is busy evacuating people flooded from their homes.  Many will have yard debris (and more) to clean up.   This time we're lucky.  Clean up will be a painful chore and then we'll be back to our normal routines. 

 Keep your fingers crossed.  The height of "hurricane season" arrives in September.   Memories of recent horrific hurricane damage along the gulf coast and other areas in Florida are still very strong.  Our goal is to appreciate every minute of the good days and to "be prepared" for the others! 

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