Just How Important is Renter's Insurance?

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By now you have heard about the 6 alarm apartment fire in Conshocken, PA.  Almost everyday in the news we hear of a family being displaced by a house fire, and our sympathy always goes out to them.  This being a major fire, displacing hundreds of people, the law of six degrees of separation unfolds and almost insantaneously a friend is telling us about their friend who lost everything in the Conshocken fire.  It gets people thinking,  could this happen to me?

I,  like so many loath bills.  I hate insurance payments, premiums, deductibles, etc.  I crinch at it all but at the end of the day I know it's for a necessary purpose.  We all dream of living in a world where insurance doesn't exist and we'd still be wonderfully taken care of if injury, ailment, theft or lost happens in our lifes unfortunatley that just isn't the case.  Insurance all though a pain is our life line.

This bring me to the improtance of renter's insurance. It is an absoulute necessity for tenants!  The biggest myth is that the landlord has it covered, absoultely not.  The landlord pays insurance for the landlords property and not for the tenants personal belongings.  A landlord is not responsible for theft, personal injury that could happened in your apartment by your own neglicence to you or someone else,  damge to the property that is not covered in your lease, and a place to stay for months on in if your apartment is no longer livable. Make no mistake, renter's insurance,  no matter if you are renting a luxury condo in the city or a $600 a month apartment, a landlords responsibilty is to themselves. 

And get this, renter's insurance is a bargain.  It ranges anywhere from $5 -$20 a month.  You can even have it  tied in with your car insurance and the prices even out..  If you pay a year in advance you can save up to $100.  It's so worth it and will be sure to bring you piece of mind.  Ask your friends for referrals or email me! 


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