"Team Building, i picked them,i trained them.i set them loose, HELP!!!!!!!


First week of the Super team debutand were on"HURRICANE WATCH" for two days !!!,what a way to start a Domination of our REAL ESTATE community, my 18 year came in this morning from his Night watchman job and came in with 8 FSBO's a couple of observation mistakes but a good 1st round ( he also brought in 4 newspaper advertisements and brought in a neighbor for a interview to be a agent )so in all he did more for my office then all combined agents he just sees it !!!!

my 22 year old whet and did some BPO,s picture and came back with 7 FSBO,S ,so in all 15 fsbos to call i called one and it was a bank who said i have 9 homes in my area they have been looking for a aggressive agent who they can work with will call me tomorrow (im stoked!!)

my Mother hen Jen who we have maid Mission control commander ,she went in my listing and i called 3 clients who have 36 lots and home which will and have expired i got them all back and besides i got the owners to put them in a price which they will sale

i found i was and still getting 150ish calls a day on my cell phone now i transfered my call to jen who fields junk calls i save 3-4 hours a day time management  is what were doing

i have two interviews for new agents and a team im on trac !!!!!

tomorrow its 3 hour of mls expired and 2 hours fsbo,s with calling till i get a agent , then will go through my old leads and re call

its not easy but it will be worth it

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