The Orlando Apopka Airport Offers Convenience Beyond the Norm

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The Orlando Apopka Airport (X04) is very conveniently located, it being four miles northwest of Apopka, sixteen miles northwest of Orlando, Florida.  It is located near other important Florida and Orlando airports, including Leesburg International, Orlando Executive Airport, Orlando Sanford International, Orlando International and Kissimmee Gateway.  Location wise the airport is very convenient to use as a meeting point between Florida and other hot vacation areas like the Bahamas, The Florida Keys, Jamaica and Mexico. 


Another factor that makes the Orlando Apopka Airport unique is the option it offers investors to build their own hangar and buy their own land.  Most airports will not offer this option at all, instead giving their travelers the option of leasing a land along with an already built hangar for a few decades.  What is the significance of this?  First realize that it's only practical that you get a hangar so you can adequately protect your aircraft.  Hangars are ideal for protecting planes, jets, blimps and helicopters.  If such a valuable machine were left outside, it would be threatened by weather, temperature and other undesirables such as vandalism by man, bird and bug alike.  Knowing this, you can understand the problematic scenario of renting a hangar-most airports simply don't have any hangars available.  They are always in high demand, plus the number of available hangars is obviously dwarfed compared to the number of private aircraft needing housing.  If you travel periodically it's understandable why you might want to rent.  If you travel frequently though, you will have to make a lot of phone calls just to ask if the airline has any available hangars.  While you're at it, leave out the part about reasonable rates-you're going to have to take whatever rates you can find.  


Owning your own land and your own hangar protects you from inflation, from uncertainty and from the distant future.  When airlines "lease" out hangars they usually do so for a limited time period, such as 20-40 years.  It is highly unlikely that they want to sell the land since many airports are government operated.  Following the end of the contract, you would have to pay just for the opportunity to renegotiate and with no guarantee that a continuing lease would be granted.  When you buy your own hangar and land you are not only ensuring that you have a storage facility whenever you need it-you are also making a sound real estate decision.  You can lease out the hangar to other renters throughout the year.  The more you add to your hangar the better, plus, the more you can charge fliers.  Some hangars even have living quarters, bathrooms and maintenance areas.  Keep in mind however, that you must check the local city code before making any big plans.  Some cities do not allow renters to actually live in a hangar for any period of time.


The Orlando Apopka Airport is offering hangar ownership as an option to its commercial and private travelers.  The hangar arrangement is a convenient option for an airport that already has a very convenient location, in the heart of Tourist Florida.  For more information on hangar buying visit us at the  website.


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