Getting to Know the Apopka Orlando Airport

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You may already know the Apopka Orlando Airport by its location identifier X04.  You may have also read that it is a privately owned airport offering a variety of services to travelers, real estate investors and commercial companies.  What are some of the services that the Apopka Orlando Airport can offer you?  Before finding out what companies are based at Apopka Orlando Airport first consider what type of services you will require. 


For starters, there is the business of aircraft rental.  This is a popular request for many businesspersons and wealthy consumers who have no need of their own plane but who occasionally travel.  You can rent an aircraft and hire your own pilot or fly your own plane if you have a pilot's license.  The advantage to this is that you are not at the mercy of the major airlines' timetables.  You can rent a private plane or charter an aircraft right at the airport by visiting a Universal Air Services or one the aircraft training facilities. 


You may want to rent a plane for pleasure, for travel, for charter groups or even pilot training.  Keep in mind that if you want to want to fly on your own, you must pass a test delivered by a certified flight instructor.  From there, you look into your renter's insurance for specific rules regarding your rental.  You select your plane type-based on your proven experience and rating.  How much can you expect to pay for a rental aircraft?  Prices will vary. Usually the aircraft itself costs a few hundred dollars per hour, depending on the type of craft. Additionally, prices may be based on the amount of gas and oil used, how long the engine is kept running, or when the plane is moving at flying speed.  This service may suit you well if you don't travel often and don't want the responsibility of maintaining and storing your own aircraft.


What are some of the rental companies that work out of the Apopka Orlando Airport?  Apopka Aviation & Flight Services provides rental services with a focus on private teaching, flight review, pilot instruction and preparation for the FAA exam.  Eliamo offers these services as well as other commercial pilot services like repositioning and ferrying.  Grizzly Aviation specializes in sport pilot training and light-sport aircraft.  Finally, there is Jan Charles Potter, which offers training commercial pilot services and private instruction.


The Orlando Apopka Airport is ideally located since the 429 expressway is just two miles away, giving quick access to downtown Orlando, theme parks, as well as the Orlando International Airport, all in about less than half an hour.  Because the airport is privately owned and its land is not government-controlled, it allows travelers and real estate investors to buy their land and build hangars where appropriate.  The more you get to know the Orlando Apopka Airport the more you realize that it offers far more opportunity than any other surrounding airports.  Visit us at the airport website  for more information on building your own hangar.


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