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Best Vet's Office in Canal Fulton

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A couple years ago when I called to make an appointment for one of my dog's to see the vet I dialed the wrong office.  The receptionist who answered the phone there was very helpful and friendly, but she just could not locate my dogs records and suggested that maybe I called the wrong place (apparently that happens often).  We hung up and I looked up the phone number again and discovered I had called the wrong office. 

I called the right number and found that the receptionist was not very friendly. I remembered that the previous times we took our dogs there the staff didn't really seem to care about them.  I guess I expected that if you work in a vet's office you must love animals.  So, why wasn't anyone oooing and awwwing over my dogs and trying to make them feel more comfortable? 

I ended up deciding to call back the vet's office that I accidentally called.  When we walked in the door they greeted my dogs and tried to make them feel more comfortable.  Annabelle even gives the vet kisses and takes treats from her.  Angel tried to bite one of the staff members at the old vet, but she doesn't do that at the new vet.  They both seem to be a bit more relaxed.  Dialing the wrong number that day turned out to be a positive experience for everyone, well except for the old vet's office who lost our business.

If you are looking for a vet's office in Canal Fulton, I highly recommend that you call:

Elm Ridge Animal Hospital 330-854-0100, or visit their webpage.