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It's not your Grandma's recipe file anymore!

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grandmaI remember Grandma reaching up in her cupboard to get down her recipe box to make us one of her delicious dishes filled with recipes handed down from many generations.  Do you remember them?  The old metal boxes filled with her prized recipes?

Well today I have several of those boxes throughout my home and office, they are not full of recipes though.

Now I know you have your PDA's, Blackberries, and other high tech things but what happens if they fail?  You are stuck trying to reorganize all that info.

I use these recipe files.  They are great by the telephone for phone numbers and addresses.  I have two by my computer.  One has all my real estate web site addresses and passwords.  Say you get a BPO from a company, you do it, they don't pay, their website is too complicated, or they pey too little, you note it on the card.  They call again, you then know whether to decline or ask for more money.   The other box has my personal e-mails, web sites I use frequently, etc. 

They are also good for client follow-up.  Put the name, address, phone number, any personal info you need and track all contacts.  You can file by alphabetical order or maybe by when you need to contact again.  

The ones by the phone are great for phone numbers and addrsses.  They move, throw it away and make a new one!

Economical!  We need to save our money to pay for that all too expensive gas.  I know it will never replace all those high tech gadgets but it is a good backup.  My 9 year old grandson files his passwords and websites in my personal box so he can play while he is here.

I guess you could say "It's so easy a child could do it!"grandma




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Tricia Jumonville
Bradfield Properties - Georgetown, TX
Texas REALTOR , Agent With Horse Sense

For my recipes (real ones, for making food), I have MasterCook, but I also have each recipe printed out, put in a sheet protector, and stored in a big 3-ring binder.  This because I have twice lost all my recipes due to a hard drive failure - not going to happen to me again! 

I love your idea of using the recipe boxes as a backup. 


Aug 21, 2008 07:34 AM