Novato ranked No 1 as a city with the best air quality

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Marin ranked by Money magazine as 'skinniest' county in the U.S.


In its annual list of best places to live, Money magazine ranks Marin County as the No. 1 county in terms of "body mass index."  If it's true that you can't be too rich or too thin, then Marin County is batting a thousand.

Marin residents - frequently rated No. 1 in surveys of household income - have been judged the "skinniest" among U.S. counties ranked as the best places to live in the August issue of Money magazine. And on another list prepared for the magazine, San Rafael and Novato tied for No. 1 as the cities with the best air quality and least air pollution.

Marin residents won the skinny contest with an average adult body mass index of 24.48, just ahead of San Francisco residents, who had an index of 24.86.


The body mass index is a common measure expressing the ratio of a person's weight to height. A 5-foot-10 Marin resident with an index of 24.4 would weigh 170 pounds. By comparison, in Jefferson County, Texas - which Sperling judged to be the "fattest" county - a 5-foot-10 resident would weigh 204 pounds. That is because Jefferson County's body mass index is 29.24.



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