Cooking with cast iron

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I cook a lot, and I love cooking on my cast iron cookware. Nothing can beat the durability of cast iron and it heats evenly and if appropriately “seasoned” works almost as well as non-stick ware. If you can obtain an old, well used and cared for pan from grandmas attic or a second hand store you are ahead of the game. If you need to start from scratch it is still quite simple. To start with, you want to coat all cooking surface area well with lard and heat it in your oven several times. If lard isn’t available oil, bacon grease or even butter will suffice. After your initial seasoning try to plan on cooking any “greasy” foods on your cast iron skillet, Dutch oven or pan (Sausage, bacon hamburger buttery eggs etc….)when cleaning never let water soak in the pan and in the beginning try avoid washing the pan in general usually a good wipe down will do with a dry towel. If it gets some really stuck on stuff bake it in the oven and scrape off the burned bits. Some recommend a cycle through a self cleaning oven for seriously baked on stuff or if you need to start from scratch again on a piece of used cast iron cookware. Following each use, coat with oil, cooking spray or lard. After some use in this way your skillet will begin to develop a sheen and also begin to develop some very good non stick qualities and will become your favorite pan for pan cakes and fried eggs. You also can start to get a little more lenient as far as washing goes and your piece can start to tolerate a quick wash in the sink.