When do you find time to blog and twitter and eat?

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I love to write and I love real estate so it doesn't get much better than Active Rain for me! I guess I should mention that this is Heather writing this post. Actually it's pretty much all me doing the writing, but Pete gives content suggestion which you can normally tell is from him because he's got a better sense of humor, I'm not as funny. The post about the home with a huge boulder above it was definitely his idea!

Anyways, I was at a family gathering and Pete mentioned my new "addiction" to Active Rain, and my relative said that it sounds like a drug from the 70's, I said "close enough". You see even though I'm not up to speed (pun intended) on posting daily, I read and comment as much as I can.

Here is the problem... I just don't seem to be able to find the time to post as much as I would like. Right now I just finished my last 3 BPO's of the day and it's only 9:00pm. For me this is a rarety to finish this early and that's why I actually have the time to post. I should also mention that I'm sitting in a parking lot typing this in the almost pitch black. I am stuck here waiting for my kids to finish watching a musical with their grandmother and I thought why not post to the blog?

I've come up with a system that works for me for reading and commenting, just not posting. In case you are wondering, I read and comment in the 10 minutes of the day when I'm drinking my coffee in the morning and then I read when ever I'm eating a meal. Normally during lunch and dinner, maybe a total of 1 hour a day... Silly that it's come to this, but between the REO's, BPO's, helping Agents and recruiting new ones, that's the only time I can find to read.

So unless I start hanging out in dark parking lots doing something that sounds like a drug from the 70's I need help fitting the blog posts into my life!

Please help me! I'd like to hear if you too are addicted to Active Rain and please share how you fit blogging into your life!

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