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In today’s real estate market it may seem almost impossible to buy a property, and let alone, sell a property. This is why there are so many different avenues a buyer and seller can take in order to purchase a property, starting from low interest loans, and to a sell a property, ranging from acquiring a real estate agent to for sale by owner. The real argument these days is which avenue will bring the most chance of selling a property. The economy is a very large factor in this process but when selling a property it boils down to one simple thing, exposure.

Many believe that in order to truly get exposure of a property that they will either have to spend endless hours on their computer finding dozens of free websites on the internet that they can submit to in order to market their property, or there is going to be a lot of money involved when selecting one large website to get exposure on. doesn’t charge to market on their website and for a very small charge this website markets a property on 10 to 15 additional, high traffic, websites for you. So exposure argument is slowly being overtaken because it is achieved on this website and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg.

Many people stick to the traditional real estate agent because they know that the results will be achieved, the only downside is, a large percentage will have to be paid to the buyers agent and the sellers agent. What many people don’t realize is they will get hit with double the commissions, and all of this really makes the selling experience rather unpleasant. All of this wouldn’t be a problem if house sales weren’t as low as they were as a result of the soft economy. These days making any money at all on the sale of a property is becoming rare, which is why a lot of people are going the For Sale By Owner route.

Now, whether someone decides to go with a real estate agent or chooses the FSBO route, the main argument that remains is getting exposure. The more times a property is seen on the internet by different sets of eyes the more chances there are of that property, not only getting sold, but getting a better price for that property. This brings us back to marketing properties on numerous websites, a service that provides at no charge, to market on 3 additional websites, and at a small charge to market on 10 or 15 additional websites.

At the end of the day, with the real estate market being the way it is, a rather unstable one at that, it all boils down to getting exposure on a property. There are many routes one can choose to market their real estate, but what matters most is which one will be the most cost effective and which one will bring the most results.

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