What can home sellers do to get their home sold?

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I get asked all the time what sellers can do to improve the "saleability" and appeal of their home to prospective buyers.  One thing I continually see in the field is sellers will often times have rooms in their home that confuse potential buyers as to the normal use of the room.  This comes in to play many times in the family room where people will have the treadmill that they use while they watch television.  It is amazing to think that a potential buyer would not understand what the room would be used for just based on the exercise equipment but it is certainly an issue and will keep the home on the market for a longer period of time.  I have also seen the desk / office setup in the breakfast area off the kitchen.  Although this arrangement may be quite convenient for the current homeowner but potential buyers will see a smaller breakfast area if any at all and miss the overall usability of the space.

There are endless examples that I could list with the above two however I thought it enough to get the point across.  My advice to home sellers is to make every room look like what it is supposed to be.  Take the exercise equipment out of the family room and the desk out of the breakfast area to declutter and redefine the space for the purpose which it was intended. Buyers will understand the intended use of the space as well as be able to mentally arrange their furniture in the room which is a major step in the right direction towards getting the home sold.

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