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Eye on Tropical Storm "Fay"

Real Estate Sales Representative with Vanguard GMAC Real Estate

Well I think NE Florida overall got lucky, tropical storm Fay is making her way over to the West side of the State. We are glad she is finally moving, after 2 days she was starting to wear out her welcome.  We are feeling the tail end of her right now, rain and Tornado warnings so its not over yet.  The last major hurricane Jacksonville seen was in the 60's (Dora). In the mix of the storm, I had to go over to Southside area today and wind and rain was alot worse than Clay County, I was glad to get back to Orange Park, I guess us being more Inland we didn't get the same effects.  Just thanking God we are safe! If you are thinking of moving to NE Florida, I can tell you all about the weather.  I've lived here all my life. Take care :)