Looking for JV/Investor For Flipping properties purchased @ 15cents on the dollar (private investor needed)

Mortgage and Lending


 As of August 18: We have (2) two Super Wholesaler 800 property packages available to our team. Prices are to be determined but both will be offered at less than $10 million each. Both packages are valued at over $75 million each. Our team has the ability to turn this over and earn $600,000 per package when we have resold these to primary investors in 45-60 days.

26 packages sold in August, 2008. Sample packages recently sold include:

• 112 properties for $1.1 million ($9,821 per property)

• 130 properties for $1.2 million ($9,230 per property)

* 111 properties for $99K ($9,558 per property)

• 102 properties for $975K ($9,558 per property)

• 109 properties for $1 million ($9,1974 per property)

• 125 packages for $1.1 million ($8,800 per property)

• 419 properties for $3.5 million ($8,353 per property)

• 144 properties for $1.3 million ($9,033 per property)

 We all know the key to real estate is buying at the right price and having a good exit strategy already in place prior to the closing. Now our team can buy these properties at pennies on the dollar!

• We have access to 40 banks to purchase homes in bulk quantities at pennies on the dollar.

• The average starting price for the package is approximately $10,000 per property for 30-60 (Short Term) day flips and $15,000 per property for 6-12 month investments.


• Short Term investments can reasonably expect to see an annualized return of 60% - 80%. Long term investments can reasonably expect to see an annualized return of 100% - 300%. Available Investment Terms: Short Term: We can use $1 million cash to purchase the complete packages directly from banks.

 The money is backed by the deeds placed into a trust and your money is secured by the trust. We will then allow our broker to resell the complete package with a fixed profit of $750 per home. Within 30 to 60 days of closing, the entire package (approximately 100 properties) will be sold to investor groups. At this closing, Network Investments will receive our original investment of $1 million plus $75,000 (100 homes x $750) per million invested.

Using the 100 property package example, our team will receive an annualized return of 80%. This allows us to create cash flow, earn a healthy return on our investment with minimal risk, and avoid long-term holds on properties. Long Term Investor (6-12 months): From this angle we have the ability to purchase the complete package. Our team will pay for all associated costs of a normal transaction (insurance, back taxes, title work and any other fees involved) which are included in the purchase price. The average property price in this package will be approximately $15,000 per property.

Long term exit strategies:

 1) Sell with owner financing using our National Property Management Co. complete turnkey sales system to sell all individual properties in the package. They order title, inspect each property and create inspection reports, clean up the yard, place a lockbox on the property, and place a “for sale” sign on the home and in the yard. Retail buyers call their local number tied in to the national call center. They handle all inquiries. We simply establish our firm price and sign the closing docs. Their company receives $1,000 flat fee when each property is sold or when a seller-financed note is created. They also provide financing, credit repair and property management for all properties placed into their system.*

2) Sell direct at FMV with seller financing*

3) Sell at a discount to investors.

4) Partner with investors to sell at wholesale prices.

5) Keep, rent and hold long term.

*Note that in strategies 1 and 2 we will be able to sell the Seller held notes in packages to note investors, on Wall Street, Refinance them through FHA etc…(through a land trust).

Investing Both Short and Long Term: We are interested in participating at this level and our group is required to show proof of a minimum of $5 million. However we prefer to invest $2 million as a Short term Investor and $3 million as a Long term to maximize our profits. By taking advantage of both opportunities we have all the benefits of both as outlined above. We will have the unique opportunity of purchasing a complete REO package from a bank as a short term investor and then selecting only those properties from the package in which we wish to retain and pay for at Long term investor level prices. This offers the greatest flexibility of choices and areas desired.

Secondary Investor: We also have the ability to select individual properties specific to our requirements at adjusted value or a group of properties pre-selected by us. Total package size and price may vary. Pre-selected packages include:

• $250,000 investment - total property package includes approximately 17 houses at a 50% discount from adjusted value

• $500,000 investment - total property package includes approximately 34 houses at a 60% discount from adjusted value

• $750,000 investment - total property package includes approximately 50 houses at a 70% discount from adjusted value

Full documentation including complete program overview, sample tape, REO purchase agreement, sales agreement, and land trust agreement will be provided upon execution of a non-circumvent agreement.

What’s in it for the Investor?????

We have a full description outlined below.

 Investors: Our Team is looking to offer 20% annual interest secured by real estate worth 5-10 times the initial investment. We’re looking for a 6-12 month term. If you are ready to make money, you have come to the right place.

Ex of loan:

Investment/loan amount: $5,000,000 Interest: $1,000,000 per year

We are very excited about this opportunity and once you read more you will be too!

 Benefits of Lending:

• Annualized returns of 20% (by giving loan)

• Earn $1,000,000.00 per year + on a $5 million investment

• Reinvest quickly without holding properties


*** Looking to be an Equity Investor??***

 We are willing to split profits 60/40 with no interest. The private investor will be a silent partner in the operation.

Ex: Numbers are figured out by doing 8 short term round trips. And 1.5 long term round trips @ 25k profits per property (conservative)

*Note that properties are worth an average of $80,000.00-$110,000.00 as is so wholesale is 50-65k

 200 properties @ 15k = $3,000,000 25k profit x 200 properties= $5,000,000.00

In one year’s time we will complete 1.5 round trips as a long term investor. Investment $5,000,000 Annual Return based on short term: $2,000,000.00 in = $3,200,000.00 out Annual Return Based on long term: $3,000,000.00 in = $10,000,000.00 out.

 Private investor requirements: Investors who participate are required to show proof of funds with a minimum of $5 million cash or available line of credit.

There is no limit to this investment opportunity. Program overview: This is a no risk Real estate opportunity allowing you to invest as much as you like @ a 40% annual return on investment. You will not find many opportunities like this. Act Fast as time is of the essence.

To participate we will need you to Show proof of funds and from there my management team will put together a package we are both comfortable with. Once you see this process from start to finish you will be eager to start many more with us. We look forward to doing business.




REGION: Nationwide

INDUSTRY 1: Real Estate

Secured By: Real Estate

 "Some of the greatest opportunities start from undercapitalized entrepreneurs who cannot get traditional financing from banks. Banks are lending less than ever to small businesses and start-ups while angel investors are increasingly disenchanted with underperforming equity markets and low interest rates"

Please call or email me with any and all questions, or suggestions. Thanks for you time...     -Mark 

Mark Stevens Direct: 240.593.7385

Fax: 800.724.6723


Metropolitan Investments, LLC

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Welcome to Active Rain!! This is a great site to network and share ideas!! Have fun with it!!

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Welcome to Active Rain, Enjoy and have fun with it.

Aug 23, 2008 09:08 AM
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Hi, welcome to Active Rain! I hope to see more of your blogs in the future. Learn from others, share your knowledge and experiences and enjoy yourself! Take care! ---Kirk.

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Congratulations on becoming a new member of ActiveRain. Being a new member myself going on my second week and only posting a few blogs so far I truly see the awsome advantage that this is; and only the beginning of a healthy and wealthy relationship of abundant professionals. Everyone has been so very kind.   Best of Luck to all of us,  Nance

Aug 23, 2008 01:00 PM
Brooke English
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With 105,710 plus members and counting, welcome to the Active Rain network.  I hope you enjoy your stay!  Should you ever have any questions as they relate to bad credit, credit repair, identity theft, or credit restoration, please do not hesitate to contact me at (954) 581-5050. 

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I just stopped by to welcome you to Active Rain. I hope that you find it a great benefit to your business and that you see the value that I have also found here. I am from Charlottesville Virginia and using Active Rain has really increased my business!

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I hope you will look into the many groups as there are some great group both local and broad based,.... 


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