Quick Economical Staging for outdated properties

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These are just a few suggestions I normally give clients before going to photograph properties, when i'm told that it's "a little outdated."  These may seem a little obvious, but sometimes it can get people on a roll to updating other rooms in their houses as well!


Quick & Easy Updates!

Painting drab cabinets, changing knobs and changing light fixtures can make a world of difference in a dated kitchen.  Removing table cloths, adding fresh flowers and removing clutter can do a little more for little or no money!

Same goes for bathrooms:  fresh paint, clutter removal, towels neatly folded or rolled, remove bath rugs if there are too many (some people really go overboard) and change cabinetry knobs and shower curtain!

In the bedrooms:  Under the bed storage boxes or neat looking baskets & chests are a great place to keep things out of site,   Make sure homeowners have bed linens, comforter and pillows on the beds if the bedrooms will be photographed (you'd be surprised how many don't have anything on their beds!).



Have any other economical suggestions that can be done on the cheap side?  I'm finding with so many foreclosures, many homeowners don't want to shell out the money for major staging or remodeling.

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