tech4REpros Digest: 8/17 to 8/23

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REBHOF - Jennifer Fivelsdal

Jennifer Fivelsdal was recognized as an outstanding real estate blogger for using local content to generate business on her ActiveRain "outside" blog.

Industry: Bottom Calling and Sucker's Rallies

Serious investors don't wait for the market to "hit bottom" because they understand that there are plenty of good and bad buys in any type of market.

REBHOF - Jim Klinge

Jim Klinge was recognized as an outstanding real estate blogger for using a balanced presentation of the market to earn credibility and generate business.

Software: FREE WINForms Webinars!

Free thirty minute WINForms webinars on a variety of advanced topics are now being offered monthly to C.A.R. members.

Web: Meet the new Localism, same as the old Localism?

Rich Jacobson's announcement that ActiveRain was suspending pre-approval of posts to Localism raised doubts about AR leadership's vision for Localism.

Strategy: Are You Telling Leads To Punt?

A timely reminder of the importance of making sure links are working on your website and on your blog, especially the link to your contact information.

Strategy: Are Bus Tours Good For More Than Just REOs?

An article about bus tours for first time homebuyers in Philadelphia led to a discussion of the benefits of organizing a first time homebuyer tour in your area.

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