New Senate Bill to Give a 2 Year Extention on Foreclosures in Michigan

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Demand Passage of SB-1306 for a 2 Year Moratorium to Stop all Foreclosures and Evictions in Michigan!!!


March On Lansing

State Capitol

Weds., September. 17th 2008 11:00 a.m.


One out of every 11 mortgage holders in the U.S. in now delinquent on their payments or are in foreclosure. People who don't even have subprime mortgages and just are obligated to regular interest loans are now facing this crises. As far as numbers, Michigan is one of the worst states for home foreclosures. Every city, town and area in our state is affected by this reaction. Evictions, blight, abandoned and vandalized homes, devastated communities; ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! With high unemployment , lowerd wages and benefits, soaring gas, fuel and food prices, the people demand relief!

In response to this crisis, Senator Hansen Clarke has introduced a bill in the State Legislature that would declare a 2- year moratorium on home foreclosures in Michigan. This law would delay the sheriff's sale for two years of extend the redemption period from six months two years allowing people to stay in their homes and make responsible payments based in part on their income.

The banks and mortgage companies strongly oppose this bill and have mobilized their well paid lobbyist to strong-arm (and bribe) our elected representatives into opposing the foreclosure moratorium. They do not care one iota about people or our communities.

Only a mass outpouring of people from Michigan will force the State Legislature to pass SB-1306, Sen. Hanson Clarke's bill for a 2-year moratorium to stop foreclosures.

Join us in the fight to get this bill passed. Call your state representative and senator and urge them to pass SB-1306. Organize your friends, gamily, and co-workers, classmates, neighbors, unions, and church members and everyone you know to march on Lansing on September 17th. Support the email campaign to your elected officials at to view video explaining bill go to

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