Want to Know How Much to Spend on Your Green Hills / Lipscomb Area Remodel? PART 1

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We are all aware of it.  We are all living in it and with it.  What is IT?


Now fortunately (if you live in the Lipscomb area of Green Hills), our Davidson County market has held fairly steady with maybe just a slight decline in price value - especially in the non-remodeled homes.

So, whether you are planning on staying in your home for a while or if you are wanting to put your house on the market and get the highest value possible, a remodel is a good idea.


Not just ANY remodel will do!

This Blog Series will go through each one of the possible remodels you could do and give you estimates of what to spend to get the biggest bang for your buck!

 Let's start with the KITCHEN REMODEL!!!

The kitchen is where we spend a LOT of our time eating and generally living as a family.  Very important room in the home!

If you are going to improve your kitchen - great idea, by the way - and you live in Nashville's Green Hills / David Lipscomb area, you are probably residing in a ranch home built in the 1940s. 

On your kitchen remodel, definitely do the following fixes if they have not already been done:

  • Upgrade those outdated cabinets!  Seriously, don't just paint your old ones - this will not give you the greatest return on your money. 
  • Upgrade your counter tops - granite is good, but it is also becoming so common now that you can even do other natural stones or concrete, but stay away from laminates!
  • Update your flooring - tile is better than vinyl - travertine will also give you a good return - if you have hardwood in the kitchen, refinish them if they are looking shabby. 

And here's the kicker (drum roll please) - how much to spend: (I feel like Kendra on "My House is Worth What?)

All told, please don't spend more than $20,000.  You will be going overboard and most likely will not get what you have put into it. And to get the MOST out of what you spend, try to stay closer to $10,000!  You would be surprised how great a $10K remodel will look!

Oh... if you are going to spend the full $20K, be sure and use some of it towards a designer who knows what they are doing.  A good designer can actually save you a lot of money when it comes to ordering the correct materials and suggesting ways to keep the budget low. 

Be sure to look for the second part of the series - THE MASTER SUITE REMODEL!

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