Cape Coral Foreclosures, Number One in the U.S. for July 2008

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Villa Realty Group, Inc.

There is an old saying that all news is good news, even the bad news.  "Cape Coral ranks number one in the nation for foreclosures for July", was the recent news headline last week.  Depending on your perspective, or position in the market place this could be viewed as very bad or very good news. 

Obviously if you are a seller NEEDING to sell, right now could be a very difficult time.  On the other hand if you are a buyer, you should be running, no wait, flying down to Cape Coral and making your purchase immediately.  The volume of Cape Coral foreclosures are making for the buying opportunity of a life time.

The day this story broke by, 10 am our office was inundated with inquiries about foreclosures and how to buy them.  Inquiries from all over the U.S. looking to take advantage of the ultimate buyers market.  For all those buyers who were left out in the cold during the sellers market run up in pricing are now rejoicing. 

As I mentioned in my previous posting, "The Cape Coral Real Estate Price Pendulum" has swung too far.  The word is out and buyers are recognizing that BRC properties are plentiful in Cape Coral, but not for long!

Buyer's thinking of waiting? Consider the following points:

1. Foreclosure infomercials and websites selling their, latest "How To Stuff" are making a fortune.  Once one of their students has the education, where do you think they are going to want to buy foreclosures?  In their back yard where there may not be many?  Possibly.  My sense is they will be targeting the top foreclosure markets in the U.S.  Who is at the top of the list?  Cape Coral!  The buyers are coming!

2. Cape Coral is in Florida, the third most populous state in the nation, and soon to become the second.  Florida is still growing in population and will continue to do so.  Real estate is about supply and demand.  Currently the supply is plenty, but the DEMAND is growing daily.  It will only be a matter of time until the demand equals and then surpasses the supply side. 

Demand Exceeds Supply

Prices Increase

Interested in capitalizing on a BRC (Below Replacement Cost) Cape Coral home, now is the time!  Download our free report "HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY BUY CAPE CORAL FORECLOSURES & SHORT SALES" & "THE TEN BIGGEST MISTAKES BUYERS MAKE" This is not some generic, get rich quick article, but true insight from a Broker whose company has sold over $1 Billion in real estate in S.W. Florida.  Learn the intricacies of the Cape Coral real estate market and how you can get the deal of a lifetime.



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