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Harahan, Louisiana, I call Harahan home for over 30 years

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I Just listed this home in my hometown of Harahan, La. It is basically a bedroom community where dairy farms used to serve New Orleans. Harahan is 8 miles upriver from the city. People that live here stay for a while. The new Listing that I just got only had one owner. It was a new home in 1970. My brother-in-law lives two locks away and he built the home about 30 years ago. I ive about 8 blocks away and moved in in 1975 and more than half my neighbors are the same. all the kids have come and gone. How many places in the United States can say this. Harahan has several good schools, St. Rita School, Faith Luthern School, and Harahan Elementry. The services are great, the crime is almost zero, the playground has always been a great beacon for the kids. Is still ar area with all kinds of birds from egrets, hawks, doves ect that fly along the Mississippi flyway. You can see rabbits, racoons, squirels, armadillos, and Posseums still enjoying the area. I have been in the same house for 30 plus years and its great not to have a house note these days. The taxes are low for the long term residents like 300 hundred dollars per year. The majority of the residents are Republicans and Democarts rarely get elected. Democrats are still welcome and treated with respect. Most people still attend Church and 50% send their kids to Catholic or other Church schools. It seems like a quiet area which it is. Nothing much happens.My neighbors across the street did have 18 kids with one set of twins which is something happening. It is in the water which comes from the Mississippi River. The water bill is about $20 per month.



66 Sedgefield
Harahan, La 70123


Harahan Real Estate
Imperial Woods Corner Lot , Harahan


 This Imperial Woods home located at 66 Sedgefield in Harahanis a 4 bedroom, 2 bath, double car garage with year yard access. This is an estate sale where the home has been well maintained but needs come cosmetic updating. The rooms are large with plenty of storage thru out the home. There have been some updates in the kitchen with new cabinets and some appliances. All the rooms are large. The garage is very large. There is also a nice brick office or workshop in the rear yard. The glassed in patio was origional to the house. This is a one owner home. if this house were all updated then it would be worth $350k. The family is currently cleaning up the house for sale.   

 Harahan Real Estate
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Mar 29, 2007 02:13 PM