One Objection is Only An Opinion, BUT Beyond That It's a Problem

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As a seller, one thing to remember when you have your house on the market is not everyone has the same taste.  There will be times when someone will come through at an open house or a showing and not like your wall color or would prefer wood floors over carpet.  Just consider that personal taste.  However, if you start to get repeated feedback from your agent that buyers find a wall color a bit too bright you need to heed that advice.  More than likely your agent had already requested that you paint the wall but you didn't think it was that important.  After all, your friends have always told you how much they like that wall color with your furniture.  The problem is that your furniture won't be staying with house and the buyer has a couch that will definitely clash.  You must put on your buyer's eyes and see things as they seem them.  When they walk away from seeing your house, you don't want them to remember your house as the one with the "big red wall."  Trust me on this, buyers name the houses they go into to help them remember what they saw.  You want to be remembered as the house that had the beautiful fireplace or the gorgeous wood floors.  Be smart, listen to the feedback you are given and use it to your advantage.  If the wall color is an issue, paint it and invite the buyers back to take a look.  Even if they won't come back you have over come the objection before the next buyer walks through.  Sometimes you cannot fix a problem without a major investment, but when you can, DO!  The goal is to have your house as objection free as possible before you put it on the market.  But if you have already listed and you have been given negative feedback multiple times about the same issue, use that to your advantage so the next buyer that comes might just want to write you an offer!!

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In-valuble advice.....priceless...... this Lady knows her stuff...Dat's Right!!!!! 

Aug 26, 2008 05:11 AM