How Far Will You Go?

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As an agent, how  far will you go to get the job done? Will you go above and beyond? Will you do what it takes? Even if it means sweatin' the small stuff? Sweatin' the small stuff seperates the little league from the big league. I know there are a number of folks out there that subscribe to the opposite of the statement but I'm not one of them. Especially when it comes to getting the job done.

I take time to blog on this topic because I have seen some sloppy work being done in the home selling business lately. There are some homes for sale in my neighborhood and those homes (three) are owned by the same individual, on the same block. I drove by just today and was amazed that the lawns still have not been attended to. They are overgrown and look really bad, especially since they are all in the same block. Can you imagine the first impression when you turn on that street to show a house to your client. Now of course, the curb appeal is controlled by the homeowner and if there is no curb appeal, the home probably won't sell as well as one hopes. But we also need to be aware that our names are attached to these eye sores. When someone drives past that home, they don't see the owners name, they see yours, the agent. And if you think that people don't blame you for the eye sore of the neighborhood, you are saddly mistaken.

As professionals in any industry, in any role, or in any position, we must do the best we can. We must do what's necessary to get the job done to the best outcome. If you can't make it happen, get someone who can. There are lots of service oriented professionals out there that can make it happen, and in a timely, cost-efficient manner. Don't just leave it undone because it's not your responsibility. If the house doen't sell or the product doesn't get sold, who loses in the end.

Take pride in what you represent, and in the work that you do, even if it means "sweatin' the small stuff."



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