Savenac - One of the Oldest USDA Forest Service Nurseries in the West!

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Located in Haugan, MT, Savenac is one of the oldest USDA Forest Service nurseries in the West. Savenac has an interesting past; we invite you to take our self-guided tour and learn how a honeymoon on horseback resulted in one of the largest and most beautiful nurseries in the West.

Today, Savenac is a great place to visit and is a favorite for groups, schools, and retreats. Savenac can be rented at The local schools hold an annual "Outdoor School" at Savenac and the students stay for a week and learn archery, outdoor safety, and basic survival techniques.

At the historic Savenac Nursery, visitors can learn the story of how millions of trees changed the future of our national forests. Established in 1907, Savenac was once one of the largest US Forest Service tree nurseries in the United States, producing 12 million seedlings annually to reforest national forests throughout the country. Although the nursery is no longer used to produce seedlings, the site remains intact it was designated a National Historic Site in July 2000. Today, visitors can wander along interpretive trails through forests that were once seed beds, explore an arboretum featuring gifted trees such as the Japanese larch, or just have a lazy picnic under Montana's blue sky.




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