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I don't know about you--but I am so sick and tired of hearing negative feedback about buying real estate in today's market.  Granted we don't have the same market we had in 2004 - 2006, but mortgage rates are 3 points lower than the historical average, foreign real estate investors are feeding on the weak U.S. dollar, median home prices are lower than they have been in years, and more clients are qualified to buy.  With these facts, it sounds like now is the best time to buy!

I read an article in The Sun News a couple of years ago that discussed median home prices vs. median income in Horry County.  The results were unbelievable.  At that time, the median home price was $251,000.  The average buyer(s) would have to earn an income of $78,000 per year to qualify for a home in that price range--which basically excluded over half of our residents from becoming homeowners.  Currently, the median home price for the greater Myrtle Beach area is $218,000 and now the same average buyer(s) only has to earn an income of $61,000 per year to qualify for a home mortgage.

There is finally a way to unlock the door to home ownership for more qualified buyers in the Myrtle Beach area--and I'm going to get to work helping them find their ideal property.  Shouldn't you?  I am positive about selling real estate because being negative will get you nothing but more debt, more stress, and more to complain about.  Let's all get happy!  I had the following link forwarded to me yesterday and it definitely put a smile on my face. I think it's an exceptional feat to be happy in our market and this site is a great "pick-me-up".  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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Corey Davenport
Corey Davenport Real Estate Services - Champaign, IL

REALTOR Corey DavenportLisa,

You and I have an opportunity to do each other a favor; we are both in the same business with the same interest and have clients who come and go--possibly from central Illinois to your area and vice-versa.

While, we can't control who is moving, or where they are going to live next, I sure would like it if there were someone out there in the real estate business, in your area, with whom I could build a working relationship with.

That way if a seller is moving to your area, I could recommend you. Also, I could recommend you if my buyer had to sell in your area prior to buying a home here. And, of course, you could do the same for me if your people had business in my area.

If this sounds like a fair trade, go ahead and add me as an associate in your contact book. I should mention that I pay brokers 30% for all closed referrals to Central Illinois.

Central Illinois is Home to Caterpillar, Kraft Food, Carle Hospital, Decatur Memorial Hospital, University of Illinois, Millikin University, Archer Daniels Midland and so much more.

You can visit me online at

Dec 26, 2008 02:23 AM