Why Move to Beaufort

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                                                   LOCATION , LOCATION, LOCATION

     Beautiful Beaufort by the Sea - 23 miles from Yamasee .   Beaufort is a sea island jewel located on the

coast of South Carolina.  It is accessible to I95, US 17, and is located only 40 miles from Savannah

Georgia and 70 miles from Charleston. To put is simply, it is a truly beautiful historic small town  located

close to everything.  Here you can have the small town atmosphere that offers wonderful restaurents,

outdoor activites and entertainment or if you need to travel to a larger city - it is just a short drive away.

     The mild climate and beauty of the region is also what attracts visitors from all over the country and

the world. Beaufort has a semitropical temperature with an average of 65 degrees. The beauty and

mystical romance of the area is what brings  many tourists, Hollywood producers and writers to the

area.  Films such as Forest Gump and Prince of Tides have captured the gracious landscape of the area

made this a destinatiion for yound and old alike.  Many believe that is what has contributed to the growth

 in this area. For those who come to visit love the region so much , they are soon looking for a place to

 call their own.

      So come and explore a region that is awash in history and beauty. Explore the amazing coast line,

visit our historic homes, and soon you will be wanting to call Beaufort home.

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