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Loan Modification is a negotiated change in the terms of a mortgage, to meet the current situation of the homeowner.  Our attorneys will negotiate with your current lender to lower your interest rate, lower your payment, forgive past due balances and late fees and even lower your principal balance.  We guarantee that we will present you with a loan modification agreement that will significantly improve the terms of you loan.*

Our experienced staff makes it easy for you.  We just need a little information regarding your present financial situation; then our legal department does all of the work. Our attorney's will contact your lender quickly (usually within one day) to let them know that they will be negotiating a loan modification for you.  This will usually put a halt to any collection calls by your lender.  Within a few more days your lender will receive a professional, legal loan modification package...and then the negotiating begin.  Our attorneys have many years of experience negotiating with lenders and have over a ninety percent success rate. They will use property valuation data, area foreclosure information, neighborhood economic trends as well as your current financial situation to get you the best deal possible.

*see enrollment package for detail and limitations


Let Us Negotiate With Your Lender For You

The single-most important factor in stopping foreclosure is SPEED

Time is not your friend... You don't have a lot of time. Our counselors know exactly what to do and will work diligently with your lender and provide you with all options that are available for your situation to Stop Your Foreclosure Quickly!

Here are some of the basic options available to you when you work with us:

 Restructure (Most Popular Alternative) - We can negotiate with your lender to get your loan in good standing again. THis can be accomplished through a separate payment plan for your delinquency or even adding the delinquency to the end of your loan. Sometimes we can even lower your monthly payment!

 Reinstatement - Pay your lender(s) all of your past due payments to bring your mortgage current. This option is rarely feasible.

 Refinance - We have established relationships with very reputable lenders who can give loans on mortgages that are in foreclosure if there is enough equity in your property available.

 Sell Your Home - You may simply sell your home before the Foreclosure Sale Date. Sometimes the home owner is unable to sell the home outright at the desired sale price and this is not an option.

 Short Sale - We may be able to negotiate a Short Sale on your behalf with your lender(s). In this instance the lender may take less than what you owe on the loan to avoid a lengthy and costly foreclosure process.

 Deed-in-lieu of Foreclosure - We can arrange for you to simply give the home back to the lender and walk away with a clean slate.

 Bankruptcy - This is a last resort. This will only save your home temporarily. If you miss one payment during this process the lender will put you right back into foreclosure.

 Foreclosure - You may elect to allow the home to be entered into mortgage foreclosure. This is the most damaging to you. The lender will take your home and all of your equity. If there is no equity, your lender may get a deficiency judgment against you and come after you to repay the shortage or "deficiency". This is the most damaging to your credit and your ability to acquire another home loan.


Don't go at this alone... You need professional help at a time like this. Give us a call today at 314-993-6690 and ... then just sit back and relax, knowing that your home is in good hands

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