Stay Grateful and Stay Positive

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Needless to say stress levels are running high if you are in the Real Estate industry. 

For me, there is nothing a smile from my 1 year old, a little excercise or a good surf won't fix.

But sometimes it takes more than that.  Sometimes you just need to be reminded that while there are always reasons to be grumpy, there are a million more reasons to be grateful and positive.

 Take a look at this guy...

Take a look at his smile...



God Bless out Troops!

Best wishes to you and yours...

A Hui Hou

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Jay Oku
Academy Mortgage Corporation - Ewa Beach, HI

I know that this is not Real Estate related but it made me reflect on how fortunate many of us are and that in the end we are all just on a search for happiness for us and those around us. This guy in this moment found happiness with some help of some helpful friends. Hopefully you are motivated to go help some one find some happiness!

Aug 26, 2008 10:47 AM