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I am so EXCITED to see this concept back in the marketplace! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that this is an incredible way to:

       -- increase equity quickly

       -- reduce interest paid

       -- and have more cash available at any given time for emergencies or other investment opportunities

...all with no smoke or mirrors!  Just simple mathematics at work here!


What is...ensemble?

en·sem·ble [ahn-sahm-buhl] "all the parts of a thing considered together"

When you think of the word ensemble, what comes to mind?  How wonderful it sounds when all the elements of an orchestra come together? The Cello, Piano, Violin, Flute all blending together...  Or, would it be how amazing it sounds when three completely different voices come together to form one harmonious chord?

What if...when you hear the word ensemble something new & refreshing comes to mind...  Something that gives life back to your slumbering mortgage and gives you a freedom never dreamed possible.  Ensemble embodies the beauty of pulling together resources today, to help accomplish your goals for tomorrow.     

Your tomorrow...begins today...

 Ensemble East West image         

The concept is surprisingly simple.  Ensemble combines all your checking, home loan and home equity line accounts into one master "loan sweep account" that allows deposited cash to be placed against the loan balance each day in order to save mortgage interest.  That's it!  This simple change allows you to better leverage your cash flow, potentially saving you thousands in interest over the next decade.  And, your funds remain available 24/7, just like with your old checking account today.


- Your income lowers your monthly balance.
- The lower balance saves you interest.
- The saved interest becomes extra principal payment.
- This further lowers your balance, saving more interest.
- This frees up even more money to reduce principal.
- This cycle repeats itself each month, compounding your interest savings
  and accelerating the reduction of your debt.


Traditional mortgages make it easy to get into debt; Ensemble gives you - the borrower - the power to reduce your debt more aggressively.  Ensemble is able to help reduce debt more quickly, simply by putting all of your personal income to better use.

Mortgage interest typically consumes about half of the average American's net income, for decades at a time. With Ensemble, paying less interest will allow you to reach your financial goals faster. Whether you want to use those interest savings to pay your home loan off sooner, or keep your equity leveraged and reinvest those savings in higher-yielding investments...saving interest...is always in your BEST interest.

Combining your main personal cash management tools into one master account relieves you of the need to track money transfers manually. Once the account in setup, transfers from your loan account happen automatically.  So does your interest savings from your positive cash flow.  And when you need cash for investments or expenses, it is quickly available via check, electronic transfer, ATM withdrawal, or debit card. Nothing could be simpler! 

Discover how the power of your own cash flow could significantly accelerate your home loan's pay down, saving you thousands in interest and getting you free-and-clear of mortgage payments years ahead of schedule, without demanding any change in your current spending habits.

Click here - for your FREE assessment & to learn how Ensemble may benefit you personally. I would love to hear from you!

All the best!

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"Wake your mortgage up...it's time to get to work!"

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