Midori Miller, You Are Under Arrest!

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The local sheriff was here to arrest my Midori today for GOOD.

She has been arrested for the MDA LOCKUP!

In order for Midori to be released she has to raise bail in the amount of $3,200 and she has so far she has raised $700.

Now, Midori needs our help, she has a long way to go and not a lot of time to raise the rest of that cash.

If you go to her secure site you can donate any amount you want towards her bail.


"I'm going behind bars for "GOOD"
Whether it's $1.00 or $1000
Every dollar counts!
Your donation is my key to freedom but most of all to find a cure for this horrible disease!  The disease is not selective..it can hit anyone of any age.  A fact that I was not aware of and the worst part..there are many variations of the disease.  All which need a cure.  Please I urge you to do whatever you can do whether it is a dollar or more to continue this fight so that those that suffer will win. 
 Be proud of the fact that together we're providing help and hope to kids and adults served by MDA in our community." Midori Miller ~ Centruy 21 Sundance


In fact she is going to start calling her Active Rain friends right for help right now!

Be ready to donate!

Get your credit cards ready or better yet, go to her site and donate now, beat Midori to the punch!

As Midori says, every dollar counts!

Thanks gang!

Comments (3)

Carol Smith
Casmi Photography - Mebane, NC

$3200!!!????  Wow!  Midori must have been a bad, bad, bad girl!  LOL  I sure hope her bail is paid soon - she's too valuable to keep locked up!  Gotta go - must head over to that site!

Aug 27, 2008 01:03 PM
Lysa Napolitano
Daytona Beach, FL

Hi Carol! LOL! Midori is the baddest good girl around! I threw in a few of my dollars too :) Thanks for your help!

Aug 28, 2008 02:22 AM
Sweet Viscape
Arlington, VA

Hi Lysa:

I love when MDA does that.  I think that it's a great way to raise money.  Plus, it's a lot of fun.

Thanks for sharing.


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Sep 05, 2008 02:38 AM