Foreclosure Prevention 101 ( Do You Have a Story Like This?)

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Yesterday, I heard what may be one of the worst stories of incompetence, actually beyond incompetence and out right criminal, if the story is accurate.

This distraught person called seeking help because they had been in chapter 13 bankruptcy making payments to what they thought was the trustee of the Federal Bankruptcy court for over 8 months.

Turned out the trustee never forwarded any of the money to any of the creditors!

Over eight thousand dollars paid out and now facing foreclosure due to what looks to me like at best  incompetence at worst out right Fraud.

I just can't see an officer of the court being this negligent, but you never know...

I'm curious to hear from others that may have had similar experiences or difficulties in trying to fight to save your home.

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Darren Britt


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