Top Ten Reasons to Buy Real Estate in Costa Rica

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1- Location, Location, Location.

Costa Rica is among the most highly sought-after tourist destinations. Its strategic position in the heart of the Western Hemisphere, infrastructure, access to international

markets, labor quality and cost, as well as its government's positive attitude towards foreign investment, make Costa Rica an ideal setting for retiring, investing, or living. Costa Rica's natural and geographical diversity provides sound options for a wide range of luxury, retirement and Costa Rica vacation homes.

2- The view you were looking for.

Costa Rica covers 19,730 square miles (51,100 km2), and though it accounts for only 0.3 per cent of the world's land area, it contains 6 per cent of its biodiversity. Whether you

are looking for an ocean, city or mountain view, there is something for everyone in Costa Rica.

3- Ownership rights.

Unlike in Mexico and other countries, the Costa Rican government allows foreign investors to hold fee simple titles. Local banks make financing available to qualified

foreign buyers. Title insurance also is available.

4- Political stability =Safe investment.

Costa Rica has a long democratic and world renowned tradition, which has more than 115 years of history. Such respect for political and peace processes was evidenced by

the abolition of the military in 1948 and acknowledged internationally in 1987 when then-President of the Republic, Oscar Arias Sánchez, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

5- When the tourism industry grows, so does the real estate industry.

Leading brands such as Four Seasons, Saint Regis, and Marriott have chosen Costa Rica for its great potential to attract foreign investment. The U.S. is among the countries

most interested in investing in Costa Rica. Tourism is the main economic activity in Costa Rica. The country receives 1.6 million tourists annually, which generates $1.6 billion in earnings.

6- Strategic location.

(Three hours from the U.S.): Costa Rica is located in the center of the Americas, with two major airports providing excellent international access. Most citizens from the U.S.,

Canada and countries in Europe do not need a visa. Seventy-six per cent of passengers arriving at the Daniel Oduber Airport in Guanacaste are North American, providing the

primary market for developments in the area.

7- Competitive construction costs.

It's relatively easy to develop in Costa Rica. A good work force comes at a fairly low cost compared to that of the U.S. A home costing $100 per square foot to build in Costa

Rica could cost $250 per sq.ft. (Columbus), $350 per sq.ft. (Dallas or Atlanta), or even more than $500 per sq.ft. (San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Miami).

8- Low taxes.

Under Costa Rican tax law, you must declare the value of your home to the Costa Rican Municipal Government every five years. An annual flat rate of 0.25 percent is charged, calculated on the declared land and house value combined. Owners of homes within the Maritime Zone or of concessions near national parks pay property tax only on the value of the house, not the land itself. For example, property taxes on a home in Dominical outside the Maritime Zone, with a combined land and house value of $300,000,

would be approximately $750.


9- Excellent quality of life.

Stability and economic growth reflect relevant social achievements. Among them is the reduction of poverty from 40 per cent to 20 per cent over the last 20 years. In addition, Costa Rica has achieved the highest education and health levels in Latin America and has been able to provide the population with wide access to health services, social

security, potable water, and basic public services. Costa Rica's literacy rate of 95.8 percent is comparable even to those of highly developed countries, and the workforce is becoming increasingly bilingual.

10- You have a Perfect Partner in Costa Rica.

Coldwell Banker offices in the country can guide you with confidence to your dream investment in Costa Rica. Check our Jaco Real Estate Listings. We provide clients interested in Costa Rican real estate with the resources they need to insure that the process of investing in or purchasing land or a home runs as smoothly as it would in their home country.

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