Why buy now?

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While no one is certain of when the market will turn, It does appear that prices seem to be reaching near bottom prices. Interest rates have crept up slightly, but are still stable. Many think it almost impossible to get a mortgage, but it's simply not true. What is true is you need decent credit, verifable income, tax returns, etc. the only possible reason it may not be a good time, is if you own a current home. Still this is only true if the "hit" you take on the sale of your current home (if you take one at all) is greater than the "gain" you can make if buying a new home at an under valued price. Many in history have looked back and said "if only", while others have had the foresight to jump in before everyone else and have been very successful. I'm not suggesting taking any unneccessary risks, but if you are thinking about buying, it may be exactly the right time.

Tim McDonald

Zoom Real Estate LLC


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