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Wow!  It's hard to believe six months have passed since I last blogged on active rain!  I guess it shows when I don't get set in a routine.  following up on my last blog:  the client that was "razzle-dazzled" by another agent contacted me again.  It seems the client saw through the smoke and mirrors and didn't feel like their best interests were being served.  The client is working with me once more, and we have had an in-depth discussion about where "true" value lies.  I never thought I'd hear from that client again.  At 39 years of age, I have to admit that I am now in, or at least approaching, the phase where I am more comfortable with "old" technology.  I have to work very hard to understand and embrace this new-fangled stuff like blogging and podcasts!  I bet most of you are the same way.  Getting started on ActiveRain (and then promptly ignoring it for six months, but that's another story) is a triumph for me, because I have to admit I'm not completely comfortable with it.  I don't even understand it's full scope!  The world is obviously morphing into a new phase, one where connectivity is expected.  My LinkedIn profile has reunited me with many people I never expected to connect with again. That's really nice on one level, but it's a big adjustment too-- being this exposed (okay, connected) means just about anybody can find you.  The adage about not burning bridges is more important today than ever before.  As real estate agents, we are driven to network for success.  Driven to put ourselves out there with things like blogging and podcasts.  It's not like we are trying to hide.  Unless of course, you follow my example.  Set something up and then abandon it for six months.  not a great recipe for success, is it?  A comic once had a hilarious routine about the seven levels of drunkenness (sorry, can't credit him, don't remember his name.  Anybody else remember?).  One of the highest levels ended with a plea to the heavens saying  "...if I just live through this, I'll never do this again!"  the comic went on to say that some of us add at the end  "...and this time, I mean it!"  What I'm saying in a loose, rambling way is, I promise I'll stick to this blog....and this time I mean it! 

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