Credit Repair (does it work)

Mortgage and Lending with Everest Credit Services

Now, more important than ever credit score is important.

Even if a customer has decent credit scores versus great they will pay thousands, potentially tens of thousands of extra dollars in interest over the life of not only the home loan (due to risk based pricing), but every loan they have. The credit agencies, driven by the credit card companies and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are hitting scores hard. I pre-approved someone last month with a 650 and because they had 2 over 30 days late in the next month. The contract fell apart because their score drop to 565!

I can close loans in virtually every state. We are a national mortgage bank.

If your client qualifies now for a loan, but not the best rate (anything lower than a 680 credit score these days) and I close the loan, I will pay for 6 months of credit repair at MY expense with our approved company and not charge a mortgage origination fee when they refi once their credit improves.

If your client is or has been denied and they come to me for credit repair, I will give them a credit of potentially over $1000 for two borrowers, or $700 for one toward their closing cost at closing if they use me for the loan once their credit is repaired and they use my credit repair company.


We also offer a money back guarantee. If our credit repair company can't improve your clients score in six months, EVERY PENNY +$50.00 will be refunded for your clients hassle.

I have literally hundreds of Realtors not only referring clients to me, but taking advantage of this offer. Know that I have the staff to handle it.

With in-house processing, underwriting and closing, we are a mortgage BANK. "We don't play" like the "Brokers" do. Before I send a pre-approval letter I run every client through an automated underwriting system. This means if they didn't give me bad information the loan will close.


How many lenders do you know who have that strength?

Let me know if you or your clients need some help.

For credit repair , remember that you get a deal and no one pays!

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