When should I sell?

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Our Father's Houses Realty

While that depends mostly on your personal situation and heavily on your local market, now is time to get in the market for many homes in Upstate SC.

Homes that will draw first time home buyers, in particular, should be gearing up to list right now.  First time home buyers come out of the woodwork in the 4th quarter of the year, many starry-eyed with the thought of Christmas morning in their new home.  They are getting settled in their first new job after college, or finally getting over the process of that lovely June 2008 wedding, or planning their June 2009 wedding and want the house before the nuptials.  Whatever else is going on in their lives to push them toward 4th quarter, a large percentage of first time home buyers are starting to shop now with the goal of moving before Christmas.

Add to that annual frenzy the current SC loan incentives - the State housing program just increased their down payment assistance, the Nehemiah down payment assistance program is disappearing October 1st (creating a rush to buy NOW), and the IRS is offering an interest free second as a tax credit to first time home buyers this year.  Now is the time to sell first time buyer homes.

So if you're planning to unload your current home in the next 12 months and it will price below $160,000, step on it!  You could be missing the best price for your home if it's not listed soon!  Call Dreamfinders today at 864-607-1189 to have us come take a look at your home and help get it sold quickly.

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