Focus on your Client!

Real Estate Agent with Tellico Realty & Auction Co. Inc

I cannot tell you how many times I have worked with people in other industries who simply fade out in the middle of conversation and enter text world.  Do you do this with your clients?  If so I would seriously rethink your career choice.  You're here, I am here that makes it our time---not anyone else's to interupt.  Having said that if a text comes though that a property is off the market or to notify you that an offer is at the office or that your 4:00pm appointment is running late a quick glance, info received move on. I have no problem with this. What I am speaking of is any sales person (or customer for that matter) pretending to be attentiove while their fingers fly across the keyboard for the next sixty seconds.  Have we become a nation so obsessed with instant gratification that we cannot wait for a break to text back?  Are you texting because you think your client won't notice your lack of attention?  You are wrong and before you know it they will be someone else's client.

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