New Construction Meeting

Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams

Today I am meeting my former sales manager for KB Home and his manager for lunch to discuss how KB can better attract real estate agents. In the short time since I have left new construction, I have learned alot about the differences between new construction and general brokerage. I hope that information can be helpful. I feel that in today's market however, it really comes down to value. Building a quality home with little hassle to the client and agent will go far for a builder, but in my 3 years at KB and 5 months at Keller Williams the first thing that will get an agent to bring their client out to a new construction neighborhood is value. Down Payment Assistance is a great example. If I have a client who needs down payment assistance to buy a home, and one builder is offering it and another is not, well that is a no-brainer. Quailty of course must be there, but I have found that buyers are becoming increasingly tough to come by, and finding creative ways to get them in a home they want has become the norm. The big question of course, is how long builders will give incentives away to build homes??

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