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Advice from Wizard John to Consumers in Clyde, New York about "Dryer Vent Cleaning" and Maintenance

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Did you know that:

•·          Clothes dryers can be found in 80 percent, or 81.5 million homes throughout the United  States.

•·          A full load of wet clothes placed in a dryer contains about one half gallon of water.   As water is removed, lint is created            from the clothes.

•·         Clothes dryers are one of the most expensive appliances in your home to operate. The longer it runs the more money it costs you.  Dryer vents clogged with lint cause the dryer to run longer resulting in excess energy costs of $18 to $24 per month.

  • If a clothes dryer takes longer than one cycle to dry a load then there may be a fire hazard in the dryer vent.

•·         Leading appliance manufacturers recommend your dryer vent be cleaned every year.

  • There are 15,500 fires associated with clothes dryers annually. These fires account for 20 deaths, 370 injuries and more than $88 million in property damage.

On a positive note, the number of clothes dryer fires has dropped by 35% from the 24,000 fires that occurred annually, on average, in the late 1970s.

One of the most important functions of a dryer is the elimination of moisture recovered during the heating of damp clothing. This moisture is held in the warm air produced by the dryer as humidity and is normally expelled to the outdoors through the dryer's vent. If this air cannot be adequately removed, poor drying will result.  This moisture can also condense into pools of water in the dryer vent, eventually leaking out. Any moisture accumulation inside the dryer ducting is a sign of poor venting which should be looked into.

Dryer do's and don'ts:

· Clean the lint filter before or after each load. Don't forget to clean the back of the dryer where lint can be trapped.

· The interior of the dryer and venting system should be cleaned periodically by qualified service personnel. If you notice the drying time is taking longer, clean the vent system thoroughly to ensure proper airflow.

· Replace plastic, vinyl and aluminum foil venting with rigid or flexible metal venting  to bring it to NY State and local Residential Building Code.

· Do not dry clothing/fabric on which there is anything flammable (alcohol, cooking oils, gasoline, spot removers, dry-cleaning solvents, etc.). Flammable substances give off vapors that could ignite or explode.

• Don't forget to read manufacturers' warnings in use and care manuals that accompany new dryers. Also, warning markings can usually be found on the inside of the dryer's lid and take only minutes to read.


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