Open House Recipe - Low Fat Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream!

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Well, how much luck do you have with Open Houses?  We had one last week and the only ones to show up were the lender, one agent from our office and the homeowner.  WOW!  I guess we didn't have a good enough menu for some of the snobby agents in our area.  With the market that way it is, a FREE lunch is a FREE lunch.  I always love being able to mingle with my fellow agents don't you?  Was gas an issue?  Shouldn't have been.  We were giving away a $50 Gas Card.  

I don't know about you but I like to see what's out there by physically being able to see them.  If I have a client looking for something in particular, the house that I have already seen will pop into my head much quicker than one I haven't seen.  Oh well, their loss.  The Chocolate Ice Cream was to die for.  And EASY!!!!!



1/2 Gallon Sealtest (brand works best I think) Chocolate Milk 

Large Container Light Cool Whip

1 Can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Fat Free Milk


Put into ice cream freezer & freeze.   Wa La!  It's great and Low Fat

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