Pink Tie

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What a name for a post.

My wife just got back from London and Paris and she bought me some really nice French Silk tie's, one of which is Pink (mostly) with blue and burgundy lines.  I decided to save the pink tie for last and I've come to a conclusion.

First, with a blue shirt it matches very well and with my burgundy name badge (the color combo of our bank as well) it really matches well.

Second, and maybe more interesting, is the fact that I feel like I have to be more outgoing and upfront.  You see, I feel like I "stand out" now so I have to act the part. 

The reason for this post is because something as little as a pink tie may give you that extra courage or motivation to get out of your routine.  You kind of have to have a more outgoing personality in the first place, I feel, or else it will just cause you to "hide" in the background.  If your a little more outgoing, try it.

That's my challenge, if you feel you are a little more outgoing (which may be why your in this kind of profession), try to step outside of the norm and wear something you may not have thought you would have in your next big meeting or speech.  Confidence is the key!

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