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Wow....it's actually raining outside! Although it's not always fun being confined to the indoors we have to say "Thank-you, God" for the much needed rain. It's taken a cognitive effort to cut back on the water use, hasn't it? We've had to watch our grass turn to hay, flowers turn to weeds, and watch the laundry pile up - but we are all in the same boat (pardon the pun). To make a difference it takes the community working together and each person being a contributor. As the school year kicks-off and the holiday's are just around the corner, remember that there are those less fortunate than us. We can ALWAYS make a difference be it spare change, donated clothing, monetary contributions, or my favorite.... donating our time. Step up and make a difference. Join me and give back to your community.  If you need guidance check with your local Salvation Army, Miracle Hill, Department of Social Services, your local churches and food banks. Share your wealth so that others may too be blessed.