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    Relocating to Manitowoc or Two Rivers area?  My name is Robert Worthington.  Remember, "Fortune Favors The Brave."  Call me at 920-686-1111.  Seriously, give me a call 920-686-1111. 

     The first thing you will notice about relocating to Manitowoc County is...Inexpensive Affordable Homes!  The second thing you will notice is that your out of town mindset has you believing your next purchase is going to be a homerun.  FALSE.

    Manitowoc County is a CONSERVATIVE and PRICE SENSATIVE community.  Although housing appears to be an easy "Pick whatever you want Sweetie" type of purchase; I've seen many couples stung like a hive of bees swarming a little puppy.

   The fact is: Homes are still priced at their peek asking prices.  Absorption rates are remaining steady (meaning supply is greater than demand). 

    The point of the blog is do your due diligence (with an experienced Real Estate Agent) and negotiate your best deal with the help of a Realtor.


God Bless,

Robert Worthington

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