Douglas AZ has economic growth!!

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Douglas has been having some economic growth lately.

Advanced Call Center Technologies has gotten their project well under way. They have hired an initial group of employees and started training before the permanent location is ready for use. They are utilizing our local recreation center for training and start up while the building for their facility is being remodeled. The building at San Antonio and 10th St is a building that has been empty for quite some time. Having this building empty at a major intersection in our city was limiting to economic growth in the area.

Now people are getting excited!

El Italiano, a restaurant that had opened last year has been struggling to get folks to come to that intersection in town. They now have hope, being located directly across the street from the permanent new call center location. There are plans to make sandwiches for lunch and possibly bring a cart across the street to make life simple for employees of the call center.





Just last week.........


Another local entrepreneur has opened the Burger Shack located in the closed Sonic Drive-In restaurant. They are serving much the same food and are using the drive-in style service that was used with Sonic. So far it is proving to be successful, the community is happy to have the Sonic style restaurant reopened.







The call center employees are going to have plenty to eat.

But where will they lay their heads?

At our real estate office there have been calls coming in from people in cities nearby in New Mexico , Tucson and Phoenix. They are looking for a place to live because they have just gotten a job with the call center. This call center has created the need in our area for rental apartments and homes. New employees who cannot make the commitment to purchase a home are looking for apartments. Soon, when these folks realize what a wonderful place Douglas is to live, they will purchase homes here. Till then our property management business is quite busy and ,with hundreds more people soon to be employed, other investors are looking for opportunities to create rental residences. Remodeling existing structures may be the simplest and quickest way to create these accommodations. Downtown Douglas has many historic buildings that have vacant second stories. In the copper mine boom times these second stories were rooming houses. Today the city has created an “Infill” zone to revitalize some of the older areas of our city. Essentially it relaxes some of the rules that would normally apply in order to create active vital community here. 


Exciting Stuff!

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Dec 08, 2008 11:10 AM